quality policy

.The management of Tecnoterm Energy Srl intends to provide, products with quality characteristics in accordance with what is specified, at an appropriate cost and in accordance with the company's purposes.
For the above, the general management of Tecnoterm Energytakes responsibility with customers for the responsibilities related to the manufacture and sale of products such as to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a factor considered most important.

Tecnoterm Energy identifies the following points as general objectives:

  • Product quality and customer service.
  • price competitiveness.
  • Continuous search for solutions adapted to real work needs at economically competitive costs.
  • Adequacy to mandatory standards and laws.

METHODS: In order to achieve these objectives, Tecnoterm Energy. has implemented a company Quality System according to the European standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 by integrating it with the standard En 1090 1:2009+A1:2011 for execution of steel and aluminum structures.

Specifically, the President designated, a Quality Management System Manager with the specific task of implementing, enforcing and updating a Quality System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Instead, the new 9001 changes completely and makes risk analysis into goal planning, internal and external context analysis, and risk and opportunity assessment on each individual process its workhorse. This involves total ownership involvement and commitment in defining these major changes.

The Quality Management System Manager, is a person who is part of the company's organizational chart who has the necessary resources and authority to act on the quality system at all organizational levels.
All Tecnoterm Energy personnel are required to cooperate with the Quality Management System Manager by making available to him all documents related to the company's quality system.
In particular, the following will be implemented:

  • Receive, from all staff, the needs of existing and potential customers by evaluating their observations and requests in order to be able to adapt the products and services offered to market needs
  • Involve and hold all internal entities accountable for the importance of the company's quality sector-specific mandatory and regulatory requirements and services offered
  • Provide technical/professional training for staff
  • Use reliable "qualified" suppliers
  • Ensure its customers' products and services meet their requirements and comply with the essential safety requirements (an inherent feature for our achievements) and prevent, or reduce unwanted effects
  • Perform product inspections
  • Use efficient equipment
  • Set up procedures to plan, guide and control all business activities
  • Verify that actions taken to address risks and opportunities are proportionate to the 'potential impact on product and service compliance
  • Promote the use for process approach and risk-based thinking
  • Assess the internal and external context in which the organization operates in order to identify its risks and opportunities
  • Pursue continuous improvement of the quality management system by involving stakeholders, i.e., customers, suppliers, employees, lending institutions
  • Pursue the fulfillment and maintenance of system requirements and, when possible, product, service, and system improvement

This policy is systematically reviewed at management review.

Issued and approved on:

07.02.2020 from DG